Saturday, 4 October 2008

Quilt swap

This is my art quilt for "another little quilt swap" organised by Kate, the background was mono printed and the feather is a screen print which I also used to decorate the binding it does have a few stitches on it

I printed some kopopelli on to my screen printed fabric, and the creature below was printed out onto handmade paper, this worked well as the paper is very absorbent.The gocco machine is a great way to make small images for printing either onto card or fabric,I got mine from Liz Plummer who is a fountain of knowledge on the Gocco, she has a great blog at http:dreaming spirals.blogspot .com

This Gocco screen the carbon from the print was too heavy and the edges are blurred and it has lots of small dots, not good.

Yet more deconstructed screen printing parts of this fabric look just like crocodile skin.Had a disaster using flour and gum arabic as a resist spent 3 hours cooking it up when it dried on the screen it was too thick and the paint could not get through to the fabric and to make matters worse the design painted onto the fabric came off when put into the dye bath, a real waste of precious time

My sister has embroidered this mermaid and the hips and blackberries as part of her stump work course she said she has not enjoyed doing the figures But I think they are both great, she has always been a better embroider than I.

Saw this cushion at Laura Ashleys it is 2 rows of tea cups it worked out fairly well, but I should have used more "chintzy" fabric for the tea cups. He who must be obeyed said " I like the urns".


Gill said...

Oh my, another of Liz's Goccos has found its way to Gloucestershire! Brill....we need to share experience (when I've got some ;-)

sharon young said...

What a great post!! I love the screen printing , you certainly have made great use of the feather screen.
The Gocco sounds fascinating, I shall have to investigate this further.
Don't consider your failures a waste of time, they're just part of the learning curve :-)
I love your little man playing the pipe.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pip, loved your Gocco prints, and your "gekko" looks great to me.Liked your "urns" too.
Your sister is obviously endowed with lots of patience as well as embroidery skills. Love, Madi

Guzzisue said...

Thanks for the suggestion, love the Gocco printer, everytime someone mentions one I get tempted.

Jackie said...

I like your green prints. I'm sure they can be used to reat effect somewhere! (Send them to me if not!)

Carol said...

I love this quilt, really stunning. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of the another little quilt swap??? And (gloat gloat!!!) I am a jammy bugger! Ha he!