Sunday, 26 October 2008

I wish it was mine

Isnt this piece beautiful the texture the colour and all that movement I bet you wish it was yours.
How about this glowing piece what an amazing use of zips

None of them mine but from the book by C.June Barnes, an amazing book which tells you how to get the texture and distortion into quilted pieces and how to dye them as a whole cloth,it is a really good book.

This photo is too show that the backing which was some embellished wool I had made has shrunk and the stitching has made it into a cone shape,I am going to try again with some half felt I have made as I want to use this idea to make an ammonite piece.Looking at the photo below I could go into making bra`s!

Having sewn for hours I now know that my machine is at the wrong height as my neck and shoulders are giving me gyp.When you are sat at the machine it should be at the same level as your hands when bent at a right angle so I sat perched on 2 cushions then I had trouble using the foot pedal,so thats my excuse. The intention was too heavily freemachine stitch over different types of fabric,silk, calico,hessian,denim,cotton manmade fibre,with a piece of wool blanket underneath so that it would shrink when washed and scrunch up the top layer,below is a detail, the wool did not shrink as much as I had hoped.But I went on to dye it flat in a tray with 2 colours this worked well but does not show up too well here.

Notebooks made by putting gesso and scrim over pelmet vilene, the design on the front is painted tyvek, it is meant to look like metal.

These two notebooks were made by pressing the fossils into gesso and scrim, the papers tied in with a cord so that they can be replaced.

These fossils were made by pressing toilet paper over real fossils and then dampening the layers, when dry paint on gesso and then paint.

Frances Pickering showed us how to colour these pages at a workshop, rip the paper up over a ruler then with 2 colour washes paint on both sides of the paper then stack them one on top of another.You then get some lovely effects helped by putting in odd small pieces of paper now and then,leave the lot to dry for 24 hours.


sharon young said...

What a lovely inspirational post, Pippa. The book looks brilliant, yet another one for the xmas list, I think :-)
your collection of samples look amazing all together. I'm not normally a fan of a lot of textural detail, but this method is really subtle, it seems to suit the colours so well.
I love your note books too, such a clever idea to put the paper in with the cord.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Thanks for the toilet paper idea - much cheaper than soluble paper.
Lots of work here - you have been busty again. If a piece 'cones' like the fossil did - still use it like that and put some wadding behind when stitching onto the other surface to fill the space and to prevent it pushing in. Gives a 3 dimensional look adding depth.

Anonymous said...

Pippa, you've certainly been busy and it all looks lovely, but I'm really impressed by your stitched felt pieces a la Barnes, they're fantastic and I love the colours too. Love, Madi