Sunday, 19 October 2008

Gifts from my lovely daughter

My beautiful daughter in Oz has been on holiday to Vietnam and she took the time and trouble to buy me yards of silk and silk fibres so that I can dye them this mauve was my first attempt.
I am doing the online class Fibrein form with Lynda and Carol so spent most of Saturday with molding paste and scrim all on painted calico on pelmet vilene.Followed by thick threads for texture and lace and xandaprint,most stop buying items until I need them the xandaprint had gone rock hard.Luckily Shirley had very kindly sent me a load of tyvek so I burnt, stitched and played with that breaking 3 needles.

I was pleased with this one,painted tyvek on painted pelmut vilene on top of scrim on pelmut vilene, based on Lynda`s golden quilt as in Maggie Greys book.

I really liked the way this lady had offset the design on this quilt which was made with Japanese type fabrics

We saw these quilts at Winchcoombe I though these three were lovely colours


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

What a lovely present. Love the lilac colour of the dyed silk.
You have been busy with Lynda's work shop. Glad the Tyvek came in handy. I will be using some in a workshop i am giving this coming weekend.
The finished Tyvek piece is really nice.
Will send you an email about the printer - thanks for the blog comment.

sharon young said...

Wow!! you have been busy, Pippa. I love your surface texture experiments, especially the maroon spirals, they look great against the BG, and your gold Tyvek sample is lovely.
Super quilts, especially the Japanese fabrics.
Many thanks for your comment on my post. I'm really enjoying this latest module.

Gill said...

Oh, lovely post! And so good to see my friend Jane Badger's work there in your report of the Winchcombe exhibit. Thank you for that!

(nice to see you in the catalogue killers too....)

Guzzisue said...

Giveaway draw will be on 26 October, good luck! Thanks for entering.
Wonderful quilts aren't they? also what do you think to Maggis book, not got around to ordering it yet.

Genie said...

Beautiful work Pippa

lesley said...

Hi There
What beautiful silks, and what a lovely daughter to be so thoughtful. I really enjoy experimenting with the dyeing of natural fabrics silk in particular. Those quilts are wonderful. And your Tyvek pieces are fab! I've never Tried tyvek bit scared of it, should I just give it a go?? xx

Jackie said...

Hi Pippa lovely quilts, thanks for showing them. In answer to your question, those pieces are for sale in a gallery but I will be making more shortly.I couldn't find any other way to reply to you except through this comment.Hope you don't mind.