Sunday, 12 October 2008


I bought this brooch from Amanda at folksy I have only just found the site but it is worth a look
This dyed calico was stamped with bleach using a stamp made from lino and one made from polystyrene,when I put violet Dynaflow colour in with the bleach it made it too watery and it spread, the best effect was bleach and manutex to thicken it.Once it was dry I machined around it freehand and added some treasure gold and silver
Maggie Greys book arrived this Friday so this has kept me busy most of the week end, but then who really wants a clean dust free house!

Here we have pelmet vilene with tissue and handmade papers bonded to it,gesso was painted on a sprinkle of salt and the a wash of paint,some hand stitching and an ammonite made from water soluble paper I was pleased with this one but next time would set the ammonite in the gesso while it was still wet
This technique was shown to us by a fellow student, it is kumin felt with gesso dried then painted, the gesso and paint stop the felt from melting when a heat gun is applied, I did not leave enough unpainted felt in this one so not a very lacy effect

This is Kozo fibres which have been soaked in water then teased out to look like
a type of fossilized lily.It was then painted and before it was dry embossing powder was sprinkled and heated,it was then set into painted gesso. Below we have two ammonites made from modelling clay one of which was pressed into felt whilst still soft and then the edges were embellished. The last photo is of black felt bondaweb and tissuetex which has been painted it was then put under the embellisher, I did not like this at all.What else can you do with tissuetex?


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Looks like the book has given you lots of inspiration - keep it coming.

sharon young said...

What a lovely collection of samples, Pippa. I like the last one, I think it has great colours and I like the way the ammonites are layered.

Liz said...

Wow, Pippa, you have been busy! Love those ammonites...

Genie said...

Some really great work, you have been busy i have not started anything from Maggies new book yet. i have just signed in to the Yahoo group to go with the book
Have a great weekend