Friday, 19 September 2008

Went to Malvern college for a masterclass with Angie Hughes and Caroline Parks who is the head of textiles there.Caroline talked about the textile artists who were at the forefront when she started on her career, Diana Springall was the first one mentioned with her book "Embroidery" ,well you couldn`t call it just that today could you,it is a great book but very dated now.We went through a list of textile artists, book themes for textiles ending p with Clyde Oliver, it was quite thought provoking.Angie spoke about her career path,Caroline was her first tutor on the C&G embroidery course, Angie`s fellow students were more conventional embroiders I would love to have heard what they thought about her modern approach. She showed us how to design using a large sheet of drawing paper painting on emulsion paint in random marks, then a water wash, Quink ink is then stamped or painted on,bleach is then stamped over it and also used in a dip pen for fine lines.To get the best effect the mantra is : sequenced, squeezed, space. Additional effects can always be added later when the paper has been ripped. The paper has to be divided without looking so rip it down the length of the piece and then take a deep breath and have a look it is very satisfying how well it turns out. Riping the sheet, and drying the ink.

Angie`s are the framed ones, the 3 others are before they were ripped up,mine is the darker blue one with the clock pattern,I now realise I should have left more spaces or less "busy " places.

Some of the students pieces, the 2 framed ones below on the left are Angie`s work, it was amazing how different our work turned out.

Some of the pieces cut up

Well I am really hooked on deconstructed screen-printing it is so exciting as you are never quite sure how it will turn out. What will I do with it all?


Carol said...

This work looks amazing, I have done and Angie workshop, she is amazing isn't she? I wonder if you could tell me a bit more? I love what you have done, I'd love to have a go at it??? Can you give me some step by steps?

Liz said...

This looks great fun! I'd love to go to one of her classes. She comes to Busy Bees in Newport sometimes I think.

lesley said...

Wow! What a wonderful blog, so very inspiring, full of colour, techniques and delicious mixed media textiles! I shall be visiting again! Thankyou for sharing your delights.
lesley. x

lesley said...

Hello Lesley again. My degree course is local to me in Kingston upon Hull and although it has been greast fun I do feel it focuses on design for industry, rather than individual textile art/artists. Its strange you asked, because when looking at your wonderful blog I did question whether I was doing the right course for me or should I be doing the city and guilds embroidery. I will post some of my course work on my blog to give you a little more of an idea. Once again love your work!

lesley x

Ps May I add you to my blog list and share you with my friends?

sharon young said...

What a fantastic workshop, Pippa, I love the piece you've done with the clocks, it looks so different when you cut it up.
Many thanks for sharing this with us.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Another huge collection of material to use. Hope you find the time to transpose it into textile pieces. Look forward to seeing how you use them all.

Nathalie G. said...

I believe you had the time of your life with this workshop.