Monday, 8 September 2008

Little and large

Well this is the Ineke Berlin take your sewing machine/ materials to a class bag, I was following the instructions from a friend and I have made the take a small bungalow away bag, it is enormous and if I filled it up I would never be able to carry it. It was made from old jeans using the pockets as pockets in the bag, and has a seascape on each of the four sides, padded and quilted so very strong, when I get the energy I will make one in a smaller size.

This small bag about 4" high was made from instructions in the book below "Omiyage" very pretty quite ornate designs , which the author suggests you hand sew to show your appreciation of the recipient as it took me most of a day to machine sew it, I do not think I will be following her suggestion of making one for each guest.In fact the book is on its way back to Madi who kindly lent it to me

My sister gave me a great book called Silk Unravelled,it has some beautiful designs in, the cushion cover below is made from torn strips of silk other items are layered and cut back. Lovely luscious colours and some good ideas.

Olive my lovely granddaughter made me this superb hat,
which I shall be wearing to the next royal garden party I am invited to!


Anonymous said...

I think your seascape bag is brilliant, I love the way you've captured the cliffs and the foam on the sea, it's inspired me to have another go. I think Olive is going to have a career in haute couture. well done both of you. Love, Madi

verobirdie said...

Thanks for posting about Silk unraveled. i'm wondering about this book. Shall I buy it or not?
I've got Omyage and loved it very much.
Oh, that hat is too beautiful. I can visualize myself wearing it. How old is Olive?

Ernie said...

Dear Mr & Mrs Hippopip,

Sorry I have been off the radar for awhile, I am busy crafting a magnificent object d'art using my brilliant new pencils "ian Tester aged 7".

thank you very much. xxoo

sharon young said...

I just love the bag, Pippa, I borrowed the landscape quilt book by IB recently and loved it. Maybe you could just put a smaller bungalow in it :-)
Olive's hat is absolutely wonderful, lucky you!
Thank you for your comment on my 'return ' post, it's very nice to know I was missed ;-)

Guzzisue said...

love the hat !!!