Saturday, 27 September 2008

Bits and pieces

This pin holder which I have been meaning to make for months took me about 10 mins. but is so useful as I drop and put my pins allover the place
Some of my squash crop not so many this year and quite small, this lovely rusted fabric is thanks to Rachel my sister she lives on a farm and has been collecting any rusty objects she can find

All this glorious weather has been great for walking, we have some fantastic countryside around here I went up to the barrow at Nympsfield to walk the dog along part of the Cotswold way, we have loads of burial mounds around here, having come from Wiltshire I still think the Kennet long barrow is the best.I had a discussion recently with a friend about sarcen stones like those at Avebury I think that the triangular ones are female and the upright ones male he had never heard of this anyone know?

Used this wool to soak up the last drop of colour from the indigo vat.

I did some nuno felting to make 2 scarves so that I could up the last of the indigo, the picture on the right was done for a textural sample for my City & Guilds and I thought I would hang it up

More deconstructed screen printing this looked a dingy muddy colour when I wrapped it up to "cook" for a few days but having rinsed it well I have some lovely colours in it.My husband and Shirley keep saying what am I going to do with it all, well the model on the left looks quite cosy and I shall give the V&A first refusal!


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Dropping needles and pins all over the place brings back painful memories. I finished up on the operating table when my foot found a needle in the carpet.
Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Individual Surrender said...

Beautiful textile work. I especially love the blue scarves. Have you sewn ribbons on and dyed them? You must be very prolific. I have huge design ideas, but very little time to do them (baby at home). Thanks for the inspiration.

sharon young said...

Now that really is a good idea, I must definitely make one of these nifty pin cushions.
I love your scarves, I tried it once but the result was a bit stiff for the scarf I was making.
Your rusted fabric looks great too.

lesley said...

Hi There
What a great idea! I'm very naughty with my pins and stick them in my chair arm! I generally remember to remove them when I have finished! 'Ooooo', what are you going to do with your rusted pieces of fabric? Another great idea I should imagine? Your scarves are beautful too. What a busy lady you are! I love to visit your blog!! xx