Thursday, 7 August 2008

Sculpture trail

I have been faffing about with this cushion for ages it has photos of a walk we did through the woods last winter it is quilted in places and finished at last thank goodness.

Went to Compton Verney with a friend to see " The fabric of myth" which was quite thought provoking I enjoy going with Madi as she has a great view on life and is great to discuss the exhibits with.No photos allowed so just photos of the female lions and the parkland.There was pieces by William Morris,Burne-Jones, Alice Kettle,and a great tapestry on the Three Fates by Henry Moore.We were most impressed by the work of Ray Matterson who taught himself to embroider whilst serving a lengthy prison sentence in the States. Considering he was using an old plastic coffee cup as a hoop and an old pair of socks as yarn they are fantastic quite small and very detailed, he is now out of prison ,married and selling his work so a happy ending

These sculptures we happened upon by chance in woods near Dursley,they have been made by mainly school children people with learning disabilities and a day centre for the elderly they were very quaint and a joy to come across, the 2 caterpillars were made by local school children out of fired clay and they had left a message to ask people to look after them as they were fragile, luckily so far it has worked.


sharon young said...

What a lovely cushion , Pippa, I love the gorgeous pics on it.
This is a very strange 'English' version of a Sphinx! Lovely parkland , pity they wouldn't allow pics, sounds very exciting, but the other sculptures look charming and what a great idea.
BTW don't know if I let you know but I've changed my email address it's on my blog profile.

Kate said...

Hello. Just popped by for a cuppa, and got a lovely walk in the woods instead. Those pics are a real treat. Thank you! xx
P.S Love the cushion.

MargB said...

Great photos - thankyou