Thursday, 28 August 2008


These are my first attempts at screen printing, i made the first stencil from newspaper this was the wavy lined one , the frog stencil I made from freezer paper as I wanted to be able to wash the screen and do another colour.The colours faded after washing although I had wrapped the fabric in plastic to keep it wet for 24 hrs, before rinsing.

On the left is the silk screen with 3 different colours of thickened dye with bubble wrap and other items pushed into it to make marks as it drys.

At the FOQ I bought a book on breakdown printing by the committed to cloth duo, well worth a look at their website of the same name. You put the thickened paint on the screen leave it to dry about 2 days and then print off with manutex & urea, not a very controlled process, but they get some great organic effects.

This is the result my first attempt at breakdown printing, I love the way the colours merge in some places and a halo effect in others

Well the onion and shallot crop was a success and I have strung them up just like my Father used ,to he would be proud of me, it was always me who peeled the shallots for pickled onions, so I do not have any problems peeling onions I think I am immune. The fabric below has been dyed with onion skins in reality it is a lovely orangey yellow.


Jackie said...

Hi Thank you for your comment. I have had a good long look at your blog and it makes me wonder why I don't do all the experiments with dyes and prints. Very inspiring.
I like the Kemsahlls and Dorothy Caldwell too.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

You've been busy. Another stock of fabrics to work with.
My last attempt to screen print was a disaster. The paint dried too quick and clogged up the mesh. Keep meaning to have another go.

Anonymous said...

I love your screen prints and onion dyeing, it looks as though the freezer paper has worked particularly well. Love, Madi
PS my internet connection has been down for over 2 weeks.

Jackie said...

ps on your latest comment..stat counter is such fun isn't it?

Purple Missus said...

Love all your attempts at screen printing but especially love the breakdown printing. What a fabulous result. Well done you.
I'm in a swap for September for screen printed fabric - I have to do 8 fat 1/4's. Think I might give the BP technique a go now because, of course, I already have the book sitting on the shelf somewhere *LOL*