Friday, 1 August 2008

Angie Hughes workshop

The pictures below are of work by Angie Hughes,who gaves us a great talk before doing a workshop on Icons,Angie is a lovely lady and an inspirational and generous tutor.

The picture of an icon is glued on to the back of a piece of velvet which has been stabilised with vilene before sewing

Angie slaving over her sewing machine notice the Ferrera Roccha that we had to eat to get the foil! Some of the EG members NOT working so hard.

The icon shape is stitched round from the back to outline the shape, then the bondawebbed foil is stitched in place then ironed down

On the left the halo and main body has been bonded down ,I love this one below the striped dress is just superb.

My finished icon,I was pleased with the face the black chiffon covers a multitude of sins,but i don`t think I will be making any more.


sharon young said...

Fantastic eye candy, Pippa!!! I nearly did a 'words' workshop with Angie , wish I had now :-(
Your icon has come our splendidly, I love the FR labels, is this the saint of chocolate? LOL

Carol said...

Isn't she a gem, i just love her workshops. She is so fun and relaxed to work with isn't she. Love your finished Icon too.

Purple Missus said...

Lucky you Pippa, would love to take an Angie Hughes workshop - sounds like a lovely fun lady.
Your icon is wonderful. Love the colouring you used.
Why won't you be creating any more? Is it a long and lengthy process?