Sunday, 13 July 2008

studio journal

We were asked to cut out shapes from paper to show negative and positive images we could then transfer them onto fabric well I suppose you could then make lino cut stamps to apply the image, or print with the computor directly onto the fabric using Bubblejet set, but I am not inspired by mine. The coloured image was papercuts bonded with bondaweb and then a wash of inks.

We had to alter some photos with a kaleidoscope design & then simplify it ready to use on fabric ,didn`t really appeal to me. These 2 black and white designs were left over from the negative/positive pieces so one I wove and the other looks like a cross between Ned Kelly and a creature from outer space,oh well!


Carol said...

It's a shame none of these are doing it for you, I think they are fab, especially the bottom 2. Lovely to see your sketchbook.

sharon young said...

Hmmm!! I see where you're coming from, Pippa, I did a workshop like this recently and it left me cold too.
Having said that, I do like the shapes you've created in the mauve set. I like the way you've offset the squares, and the clolour/texture looks good too.
The individual textures and patterns on the B&W look exciting too.

Magpie Sue said...

It may be hard to interpret in fabric or thread, but your woven pieces are sure fun to look at! I finally had a breakthrough of sorts and found some joy in a simple papercut. I am looking forward to what next week might bring though :- )

Linda said...

It'd interesting seeing other people's interpretations of this class. You've even read instructions that I've missed!

I'd love to play with your black and white woven piece by selecting a smaller area and opening it up to enhance the positive and negative areas. The funy thing is I'd never see an opportunity like this in my own experiments!