Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Studio journal

I found the cutting out of the colours more useful than I thought they would be, and a great way to work out colour schemes before cutting cloth.As I had spent a lovely sunny day gardening I used the colours of the sun ,soil and flowers.

The painting with cling film worked well and I used acrylic paints


verobirdie said...

Lovely pages!
I too found this work really usefull, I did not know it could be so much fun!

sharon young said...

Oh Pippa you must be physic, I've just been working with a colour scheme very similar and was so surprised at what I came up with when I did a Sandra Meech exercise. But later on in the day I lost my confidence with it, so thanks so much for showing your WIP, it's so helpful.
I just love your HMS Pinafore, it made me smile :-)
PS note to self 'must not take self so seriously'!!!

Magpie Sue said...

I love the little boat with it's triangular sails of blue! (At first I thought it was a clothesline.)