Friday, 4 July 2008

Studio journal

I have enrolled for Sharon Boggins online Studio Journal course, these are from the first lesson, we had to do mark making using stitches, look at a Van Goth picture and produce it in stitch marks, mine was appalling, do lots of rubbings which Sharon calls Frottage,one making a collage the other putting it in tonal values, not as easy as you would think.We also had to write or draw the reasons for keeping a journal, I need to find my own style and develop my own ideas instead of flitting around.
This piece was machine embroidered as I was so disgusted with my Van Gogh piece, it is amazing how many different coloured threads you need.I have also learnt that poor Van Gogh didn`t sell a single painting whilst alive, no wonder he was depressed although they now think he went mad due to using Cadium yellow

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verobirdie said...

Your machine embroidery is amazing!
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