Monday, 21 July 2008


The first part of the lesson was to take photo`s of shapes round square & triangular,circles were by far the easiest

Here we had to take part of the photo trace it off and stylise it, the picture of the bridge I put into paintshop before printing it out onto fabric treated with Bubblejet set, i am going to embroider into it

Designs produced from one picture and a photo.

We were asked to take a photo trace off a section and then enlarge it to touch 3 edges of a triangle, this really worked for me I love the ammonites, they were stamped from a lino cut i had made onto fabric.

This was from a photo where I had taken one shape and played with it, it looks to me like patchwork clam shells


sharon young said...

Lovely post, Pippa, your sketch book ideas are superb, especially the amonite collection. I think we must be very in tune as I created 2 print designs using similar imagery to your Chinese lady and Roman emperor when I was at college, they made me want to return to my painting for a moment there, comfort zone stuff compared to what I'm doing now :-)

Guzzisue said...

this looks like so much fun :-)

mad4cats said...

Pippa, your sketchbook work is looking superb, you are definitely getting really good at it. Love, Madi

Tanguera said...

Such a great collection of photos and ideas.

verobirdie said...

You have been doing a great job§ All you pages are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pippa
loved the colours of the Icon. i can see you havebeen making other half get the supper again!