Saturday, 12 July 2008

Lisa`s chicken

This superb chicken was made by my very talented daughter from Plaster of Paris bandages when she lived in the outback in Oz. the legs her then boyfriend made from twisted metal and are very chickenlike.This chicken has lived on the kitchen table for about 3 yrs then in our hall for a 1yr. and now in the garden.It can seen from my treatment room and all my patients comment on how lovely it is.

This is my prototype for a rusted vessel I am going to make it will be of embellished felt painted and distressed, work in progress at the moment as I am going to try a copper vessel as well

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Ernie said...

This daughter of yours has a certain affinity for chickens and has recently published an illustrated tome on the avifauna of subtopical east coast Australia. No doubt this early work will be worth a fortune one day. Stunning.