Sunday, 20 July 2008


This is a notebook cover that I made some years ago by ironing layers of clingfilm & snippets of material and thread then freehand machining on the top, it shrunk like the devil,I have posted this as Lynda,(Purple Missus) was showing how to use Texturite on her blog. She is having trouble getting hold of it and I thought the clingfilm had a similar effect
This glove by Freddie Robins is called "Hand of good,Hand of God" it is part of an exhibition called "Deviants" now touring the country.It made me smile I thought it was a clever idea, and as I can not knit I was most impressed by all those hands.


Annette said...

Hi Pippa, thank you for your message.
I visited your blog and there was the 'Hand of Good . . .' image that I'd just been looking at, how strange. .I'd love to see this exhibition.
You are so kind to offer 'Harris's Guide'. ,but I bought a copy earlier in the year. We were driving down a Welsh mountain lane and there was a pile of books for sale on the grass verge. There on the top was Harris's, obviously meant for me.
So, it looks like your copy is meant to go to someone else.Bless you!.

sharon young said...

What a fantastic glove, sooo.... cool!!!!
How on earth do you iron cling film? I can imagine all sorts of sticky mess but will have a go, sounds fascinating.