Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sherril Kahn book

This book is well presented lovely photos and she uses great colour combinations,it covers tyvek,metal,air-dry clay,stamping,funfoam & laminating.Good instructions & easy to follow a good book if you are not sure about using these items

This is the laminated necklace I have made from the book,using a stamp made with a lino cut.


sharon young said...

Oh no!!! Not another book , please!!! I'm using all my restraint not to buy the new Maggie Grey :-)
This one does look really exciting and the necklace you made is just charming.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

I have this book too. It is very inspiring isn't it especially her use of colour. I love the book.
Like the colours you have used on the necklace.

itzy said...

Dear Hippopip,
Thats an ingenius idea, buy the paint and use the wind generated by the beans to spray the paint across the canvas. You are a mighty crafter.
i can hardly wait , only another 5 days unitill July and another installment on your blog.