Friday, 20 June 2008

I blame purple missus

I just loved all the rusted quilts and textiles that purple missus was showing on her blog so I decided to splash out and buy some of the golden paints, they are lovely but not cheap,so next week the main meal of the day will be baked beans or baked beans.And I need a lot more practise to get a decent result, although I was impressed with the stamped image below in Payne`s grey which did not washout.

My sister has given me 2 large rubbish bags of sheep's fleece,I have nearly cleaned one bagful but do not possess a set of combs so will have to see if I can borrow a pair or a drum carder.If anyone wants any uncleaned fleece and can pick it up from Glos. they are more than welcome


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

I was given a full fleece and have only prosessed about one third of it so far. I was in a pet's dept of a shop and found a pair of grooming brushes - very cheap- and they did the carding job beautifully.
I keep doing the same as you when I see other blogs.
Baked beans are OK, very nutritious!!

Purple Missus said...

You'll thank me in the long run - these paints really are the bees knees - and just think of the weight loss on a baked bean diet *LOL*