Friday, 6 June 2008

Hip hip hurrah for Maggie Grey

The piece on the right is all thanks to Maggie Gray and her fantastic blog Magstitch who taught me how to use displacement maps in paintshop I used a photo of a quilt and a scan of an old building I had painted and pushed one through the other, it is very addictive as it gives great results, and i think my husband could divorce me on grounds of desertion for the amount of time I spend playing on it.This piece was printed onto fabric and then some parts were foiled before being machine quilted.This is for a design course I am doing on line
These quilts are in the exhibition at the Needle Museum and are by Linda & Laura kemshall

on the right is Doreens masterpiece & Maddy`s is below great hearts

On the right is an example of what the quilting could have looked like below is mine on an old pair of my husbands golfing trousers.

Some of the lovely bags that Kemshall`s have made guilted & painted & foiled .

This bag is slashed work or chenille

Doreen slaving over her sewing machine


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

You have found out - designing on the computer is addictive and time consuming. BUT you will never be without a design source now. Super piece.

sharon young said...

Fantastic eye candy!!!!!

Sara Lechner said...

thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos!