Sunday, 29 June 2008

Bride of the year

This is my granddaughter Olive in her wedding gear, she looks great just a shame about the socks! but get the expression. I must also thank Ernie for all his helpful comments and if he sends me his measurments I will get felting.
I have finished the on-line design course with Liz Berg, I find designing hard and with C& G`s spent hours trying to design the piece and always wrote up the design portfolio after I had finished, my pieces seem to evolve as I work on them I have trouble planning them. I now have to write a critique, and as I
am now fed up with the quilt is going to be difficult , was the course worth the time and money? well Liz`s critiques were good and she helped me regarding my design failures advising ways to improve them. Only 3 of us look as if we are going to finish, so we will not have the input on others work.I have got to the end of the sheep`s fleece it is all clean and scoured , just waiting to be carded which I find quite therapeutic.

On the right the fleece is soaking in cold water to clean off the dirt & grime below is the fleece after scouring.

I then felted it onto muslin.

These are 2 scarves that I nuno felted with the wool and dyed with logwood far right and cochineal they are for my sister.

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