Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Off to Oz

What bliss 4 weeks in sunny Oz seeing our lovely daughter,sand sea and fun. Because of the long flight to Oz I always take plenty of sewing so the time goes quickly as it is such a luxury just to sit and sew.I quilted the background of this wallhanging and also patched the rectangles before I went I took threads to embroider with and intended decorating it with shells and bits found on the beach. I get immense pleasure from walking along a beach picking up shells and Western Oz with the Indian ocean has superb shells and corals

I took these 2 bookwraps to Oz to finish

These are the finished book wraps, I buttoned holed 22 rings around the edge of kimono which took ages but more enjoyable to do when you are sat on a beautiful beach in the sun.This one is called chinese book jacket, the other is Monets Garden

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Guzzisue said...

the green one looks really touchy feely, great texture.