Tuesday, 11 March 2008


The kangaroo and turtle are copies of
aborigine paintings so is this superb fish. The creature below the sea urchins is a sea hare they are beautiful and all different we saw them when we were snorkelling

I have been trying to draw more often just to improve. I can copy quite well but drawing from life is still hard, whilst in Oz I did try to draw or paint everyday, and I enjoyed it.This is eucalyptus fruit /seeds with a turtle and an abstract abalone shell.The other two are copies of aborigine paintings the originals are gorgeous.


mad4cats said...

Dear Pippa, you have made such lovely things, I especially like the wall hanging. Are those Dorset buttons around the kimono book? What patience! And your art work is superb. I was just looking at the kangaroo in large format when John came into the room and said "Oh that's nice". Great stuff! Madi

hippopip said...

Dear Madi, most kind of you, they are Dorset buttons & I sewed them all the way to Oz and 1/2 way round ,won`t be doing any more for a long while

sharon young said...

Hi Pippa
I love these drawings, they are so full of life and energy, I desperately want to do more drawing, particularly straight from the source, so maybe now the weather's improving I'll get back to some.
BTW thank you so much for your encouraging comments on my blog post, the only thing that worried me was that you refer to Paint Shop Pro and all my work is done in in Photoshop, so I hope I haven't confused you by using it's initials.
PS I don't have your email address, so that's why I've replied here.