Saturday, 12 January 2008

purple missus

I had a go at "purple missus "painted foil tutorial as it looked so glorious , I had to use PVA glue rather than Golden medium as I didnt have any, but it worked a treat and I do like a bit of shine to brighten up the day.It was painted mauve and the had treasure gold rubbed over, a great effect for little cost or effort, now what to do with it.

My Mother phoned me today, because she wanted to tell me about the end result of the dig we had been on 38yrs ago!! Over the course of 3 summers we had unearthed about 26 Bronze Age graves, my Mother was there most of the time, I was only there when work allowed, so when we found anything interesting like the grave with a shield boss, dagger beads and other goodies I was put back to work on the iron age pits.The bones and grave goods went to the local museum at Devizes, and they had now decided to re-inter them so a local vicar went along to read the funeral service, his daughter read out the Lord`s prayer in Anglo Saxon, which was all a bit strange as they would have been pagan. The best bit of all though was when the Home office was asked for permission to rebury them the reply was we can`t give you permission to rebury them as you never had permission to dig them up, I suppose this makes my Mother and I grave robbers.!

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