Saturday, 29 December 2007

Bleaching fabric

This fabric was dyed using Texiscreen its more like a fabric paint than a dye you get the colour you see but it can be rather flat, I wanted to experiment to see if I could get more depth with it . the green was left to dry on top of bubble wrap and the two mauves were R folded and compressed, L rolled twisted & compressed then left for a day.

The black fabric is a comercial one it was quilted and bleach was applied with a brush, the paler colour is brown er than it is shown I was very pleased with the result. The blue fabric was dyed using the quilters method of 2 colours and plastic bags, so it was red to blue, in reality the paler colour is more pink than white, I rolled on bleach with a sponge roller but it seeped everywhere so I washed it out and then applied bleach with a brush to certain areas, I need to use discharge paste to get the effect I want as it stays where you put it.The piece does have a certain charm as it looks distressed

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