Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Making a felted wall hanging.

 I started by pre felting a long piece to use as the flaps.I also made the felt balls on this matting which really speeds up the felting process.It is sold as a mat for cars or doormats but its great for felting and doesn't wear out like bubble wrap.
I layed plastic under the flaps so that they would not felt into the base.I only wanted them to attach to the base in the middle. When they were attached  I removed the plastic and fully felted them.

When it was rinsed and dry, I sewed on the felt balls, and added a few embroidery stitches

Saturday, 21 April 2018

making a felted picture or hanging

This one of the ways I make a felted picture.
I cut all the houses out of prefelt which I had previously made.I then needle felted the doors and windows onto the houses.
 I laid out three layers of white wool as a base.White is best as it acts as a light base darker wools can migrate through.I then started to lay out the road.

 Then the sky with loose fibres then the hills in prefelt.
 The houses and trees were next after some gentle rubbing to keep things in place it was rolled until felted

When rinsed and dried I hand and machine sew the details in  

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

felted wall hanging

It has been such miserable weather, constant rain.I really need to get out and do some gardening, but the ground is waterlogged and as we have clay soil not easy to deal with.
So I had more time for felting so another wall hanging of quirky houses in a hilly landscape.
I needle felted the windows and doors before wet felting and it was hand embroidered once it was dry.I really like the colours in the sky and was pleased with the end result.
I had to hand sew the backing and sleeve as my machine decided to play up and has had to go for repair.
I also tried my hand at a large flower brooch it is about 10 inches across.Not sure that I would want one that big but they seem popular.Mauve is supposedly this years colour so it seemed to be a good colour to start with.My camera turns anything mauve to more of a blue hue but this photo is quite a good colour match

Monday, 26 March 2018

needle felted badges

Nearly all my felting is wet felting,but I decided to have a go at making badges.I wet felted the backgrounds then needle felted the designs,

 I embroidered a few basic flowers for detail.It is quite time consuming but enjoyable.
 So far I havent stabbed my fingers.!This picture was wet felted but the tiny sheep were needle felted once it was dry.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

snow dyeing

One benefit of the last cold snap was being able to do some snow dyeing.I put  damp soda soaked cotton in a container ,I had soaked it for an hour . It was placed in a vegetable rack so that as the snow  melted the water could run away. I then shovelled snow on top and wearing  a mask I sprinkled procion dyes on the top .
You should wear a mask as you don't want to inhale the dye powder.
It was then left till it melted about two days , before it has melted quicker
The one below had indigo blue and purple dyes sprinkled on.
A small section of the one above
This one was lime green and purple the lime green has almost disappeared.The whole process is a bit hit and miss but then so is most of my dyeing

Monday, 19 March 2018

Here are the two Infinity scarves I made for my Etsy shop.The top one made with the space dyed wool makes me think of raspberries and kiwi fruit.I love it ,it really zings.The purple one is very long and goes around your neck three times.
The can also be worn as headwraps the poor model looks very anaemic after all our cold weather.
They are fun to make and easy to wear as they stay put and are very soft

Sunday, 18 March 2018


I dye the wool and fabric for my scarves. I really love dyeing it doesn't always turn out quite how I wanted it to but that's fine . The first photo  both fabric and wool were spaced dyed.Not always easy to get a good colour match as wool uses acid dyes and cotton uses procion.If I use silk they can be dyed together with acid dyes.
I was pleased with the result and the finished scarf looks great.
The dyeing below is more of a contrast.

I will post a photo of the finished scarves when we get a good enough day to photograph them.