Sunday, 12 October 2014

Jenny Rayment

A weekend with Jenny Rayment,great fun productive and absolutely exhausting,we spent the weekend twiddling tweaking and manipulating calico attempting to produce something along the lines of this one.

 This was mine sewn together and before it was tweaked
Various ones of Jennys

This one we did in the afternoon.

One student did hers with colour

 My finished first piece made into a cushion cover.Jenny also gave a talk dressed in high heels and fishnets,she was hilarious whilst showing us her quilts

A bag which you can turn into a hat!

And she finishes dressed like this

 This is the Sudoko quilt and we did a nine patch piece on Sunday more tweaking and twiddling so I came home with 3 good sized pieces one finished and two nearly,would I ever remember how to do any more, I am too tired to think about it now.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

felted scarves

 Do you remember the wool that I dyed with walnut husks and onion skins?
 well I made of it into this scarf and then I nuno felted the blue one they have now been sold and have gone to Australia and France very pleasing

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Sarah Brooker

Went to Nailsworth  to Hobb house bakery to see some of Sarah's work not the type of thing I usually like but I was impressed' felting and machine stitch. 
 I especially liked the butterflies and the pear

this is painted on a wall in Nailsworth

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Crucible part 2

 More sculptures from Gloucester Cathedral the one above is by Kenworthy of a Somali woman and child
 Damien Hurst's Anatomy of an angel,rather like his St Bartholomew  two years ago
Outraged Christ by Lutyens was massive

 This one has a great title Let there be spaces in your togetherness by Freeborough
Damien Hirst,s other angel.

 The vaulted ceiling above is the oldest in the world about 650 years old

Cockerel by O'Casey

 Well you can guess what this one was called its by Cooper

 This boar is by Coventry he always has very strong lines
 beautiful warthog by the man who made the somalia women

 This was lovely very impressive but difficult to get a photo to do it justice it is called Souls byBlumenfeld
Tortoise by Cooper

 Beautiful stained glass windows

dyeing with walnut ,onions and golden rd

 I found a small amount of goldenrod near where I live and it dyes a beautiful yellowy green so walked miles to eventually find some more.We have a lot of walnut trees near us so I collected the fallen nuts and boiled them up until they went black even wearing gloves I have disgusting black and yellow nails this is the colour you get on wool ,if you add iron you get a blacker brown but I prefer the chestnut colour.Both of these I mordanted the wool with alum and Cream of tartar.
 This is onion skins no mordant needed and an orange colour, the whole house ponged a bit but I am making the most of my husband being away for the weekend .
 This is a fairly short scarf made with the walnut and onion dyed wool.